Welcome by the Chairwoman

claude2smDuring the general meeting of the npo Pinocchio, on Thursday, March 28th 2013, the members elected me as Chairwoman for 3 years.

As a nurse I have been working for more than 30 years in the Burn Centre of Neder-over-Heembeek. I have looked after many burned children, met many families in distress. It is difficult to be confronted with a child burn: the daily care, pain, fear, scars.

But the child wants to go ahead, he or she wants to cure, to go back to school and to meet his or her friends again. All the medical team do their utmost to make this wish come true. The family cannot stay still thinking of their fate. They soon join us in the process of curing the burn.

My motivation to keep working in the Burn Centre is simply "the feeling of the well-done job": when I go back home I know that the utmost has been done to take care of this young patient.

The npo Pinocchio helps in various ways throughout the process of cure and helps the child to reintegrate our society.

Let me introduce this new board of directors :

President: Claude Parmentier, nurse
Vice-president: Thomas Rose, surgeon
Secretary: Els Vandermeulen, psychologist
Treasurer: Patrick Vanlaeke, nurse
Managing director: Luc Verept, nurse

We will be assisted by different cells which must still be specified.

The members of the general meeting thank Mr Dirk Schoonjans for his exemplary work as secretary which he carried out during many years. We will miss you, Dirk...

I know that this team and the volunteers are motivated and will answer "present" when needed.

We are convinced that the sponsors (individuals, companies, service clubs) will continue to help us.

Then let's start working !

Claude Parmentier



Luc Verept  - Thomas Rose
Patrick Vanlaeke - Claude Parmentier - Els Vandermeulen